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Do you know where your water is coming from?

The water you consume is either coming from the ground or the sea depending on where you live. Either way, the journey to you is likely long and can have a huge impact on the climate and environment around us.

What if there was another source of water available?

We have developed a source that delivers high quality drinking water, reduces carbon footprint to lower environmental impact at a lower cost than today. Although traditional sources have served millions of people worldwide over the years with drinking water, we are introducing a new source of water.

In 2018 we began our journey to solve those problems and deliver real solutions. How? We extract humidity from the air to deliver high quality drinking water. Since then we have worked relentlessly to perfect the equipment, being able to provide a best-in-class, high-quality drinking water and to optimize the energy used to minimize the environmental impact.

All over the globe

Today, we are operating in multiple countries servicing customers in a wide range of segments: from consumers at home to hotels & resorts, to governments to corporate offices, to gyms and Non Governmental Organizations.

All of them enjoy the solutions and respect the problems our products solve – the long game to have sustainable drinking water while delivering an environmentally conscious alternative to traditional water sources.

This all poses the question: What if you could be a part of the solution?

Be the change — join us in transforming the way we generate, deliver, treat, and consume drinking water, for all of us and the future generations.